Editing Movie Clips

After capturing is done, the next step is to render it with Media Studio Pro, the video editor to make it into an AVI movie that can be played back in your machine. This is also the process in which one could add sounds, special effects, or other things.''

1. EdMS DVE folder > Ulead Video Editor
2. The Properties window shows up. This is where to select your TEMPLATE. The settings selected will apply to your new project.

Edit Movie Clips 1

"DVE NTSC 44kHz 16-bit Stereo" is the default template. Click OK to accept these settings. If you want to have settings different from the default settings (frames, window sizes, audios, etc.), you could still use this default template, and change the settings later.'

Then Ulead's construction window appears.

Edit Movie Clips 2

On this window, the upper timelines (VA. VB etc.) are for videos, the lower timelines (Aa, Ab..A3) are for audios. FX is for adding TRANSITIONS. The Insert Video Clip button (indicated by the red arrow) is where you insert your clips.

3. Press the Insert Video Clip button to select your clip(s).


Edit Movie Clips 3

4. From "Look In", go to where you placed your clips. Select the clip, press OPEN. This will load the clip to the CONSTRUCTION window. When you move the mouse, you will see two black tracks following the movement of the mouse.

Edit Movie Clips 4

To release the clip, point your mouse to the very left side of VA timeline, and then left click the mouse. The video and its sound file will be dropped to the VA and Aa track respectively.

Edit Movie Clips 5

5. What to do next?
saving it as an AVI movie
saving it as a MPEG movie
saving it as a QUICKTIME movie
saving it so that it can be played back both on Mac and Windows
adding sounds, special effects etc.
exporting it to VHS tape
and more...

Tips on how to choose an output format:
It all depends on what you want to do with the clips. Here are some tips:
mpeg --- very good quality, smallest in file size, compatible with most platforms, web ready.
AVI (cinepak codec) --- compatible with both Mac and Wins. Quality acceptable but not the best.
AVI (Indeo Video 4.5 or 5.11) --- good quality, Window platform.
No special format, no conversion needed for exporting movies back to VHS tape. The default codec (CANOPUS DVREX codec) is the best.'
What is a Codec?
The term "codec" comes from two words: compress and' decompress. It refers to a method of compressing video to a file viewable on the net or on a standalone computer. Cinepak, Indeo, TSCC are some specific codecs, or compression software.