Converting AVI to Flash


1. To launch the program
Start >Sorenson >Sorenson >Sorenson Squeeze >Sorenson Squeeze

2. To open an AVI file
File > Open >My Computer > D:\ drive>Your folder >Your AVI file

3. To select settings
Click on the SWF icon > New Custom setting > A compression Settings box appears >
Click on the Flash SWF Tab

Recommended settings:

Video Output: Sorenson Spark Pro
Data Rate: 576
Frame Rate: 1:1
Method: Two pass
Frame Size: 640 W 480 H

(Note: 640x480 for use with PowerPoint or for classroom presentations; 320x240 for web videos)

Maintain Aspect Ratio: Checked
Keyframe Every: 60
Total Data Rate: 704
Audio Output: Fraunhofer MP3
Data Rate: 128
Sample Rate: 44,100 kHz
Channel: Stereo

When done, click OK to accept the new settings.

4. After that, click the New Setting Icon (the one on the far right). When the icon is being clicked, a brief setting profile should appear beneath the icon. (Notes: If multiple setting profiles appear, you need to delete the unwanted ones).

5. Press the Squeeze it button to start converting.