Capturing Video Clips from a Movie with RexVideo

Workstation: DVE
1. Start > All Programs > DVRex > RexVideo
2. Insert VHS tape into SONY VCR, hit "Play".
3. The movie will appear on this screen.

Rex Video 1


Troubleshooting: If a movie does not appear, check the following:
(a) Importing channels: IN1, IN2, DV1, or DV2 at the top of the RexVideo screen to see which is the right input. The default is IN1.
(b) The "Input Select" button on VCR. The default is IN 1.
(c) If nothing is wrong with the above, then check the wiring to make sure the connections are correct.

4. Click the red R button at the bottom of the dialog box, a "save" box will pop up.

Rex Video 2

From "Save in" box, go to the F scratch drive to choose a folder where to put your movie clips and then name the file. To start recording, press the PLAY button on the VCR first , and then hit the "Save" button on the screen.

5. To stop capturing, press the STOP button (located next to R).

Important Notes:
The clip you just captured will be an AVI file. But, this AVI movie cannot be played back on other machines. You need to use Media Studio Pro to render it with a codec compatible with your destination machine.