Capturing Still Images from a Movie with RexVideo

Workstation: DVE


STEP 1: Turn on DVE Workstation PC, TV monitor and SONY VCR. Flip down VCR's front panel and insert the tape. If you are using a DVD, insert DVD into player. The VCR must be turned on.


STEP 2: Go to START > Program > DvRex > RexVideo. If you are using VHS, the IN1 button should be used. The DVD uses IN2. This button is located on the REx video screen (top). Press the play button on VCR or DVD, the movie will automatically show on RexVideo screen. Rewind or forward the movie to locate the scenes you want to capture.

STEP 3: To start recording, press the R button (in red) at the lower left corner of the RexVideo screen. Once the Red R is pressed, a file setting box will appear. Name your file (Note: "capture.avi" is the default setting). Use the drop down box and open the F (scratch drive). Create a folder to save your images and clips. Press save and capture will begin. Let recording run for a few seconds and then press the stop button (a small black square-shaped button at the bottom) to stop recording.

STEP 4: Then also press the Stop button of the VCR or DVD. The PC will create the file name for you. For example, "clip0001.avi".

STEP 5: To open this file, go to File > Open > yourclip.avi. Please note "save" here does not mean save. When you click on the save button, it will open the file for you.

STEP 6: The file you just opened is not a single image. Rather, it is a short movie. When you open the movie file, you can slide the scrolling bar at the bottom to view via the captured content. Once you locate the desired image, you can move one frame at a time by pressing the small triangle button to select the desired frame or image.

STEP 7: To save this image, go to Edit > "Save as still images" > "Browser" > "Save a file type", choose "Jpeg" from the given choices, > from "Save in", select F (scratch drive), click the "Save" button to save the file. If you want to rename it, use "jpg" in the extension. For example: "fox.jpg". Each captured movie clip is about 35-50k in file size if saved in jpeg format.