Based upon library collection policies and recommendations, the Libraries make limited purchases of textbooks each Fall and Spring semester and places them on Reserve for a specific course and semester at the appropriate campus library.

Textbooks already owned by the Library can also be placed on Reserve for the semester in which the course is in session.

How do I find a textbook?

Try Textbooks at the University Libraries.

Search for copies owned by the Library in LibCat and the Medical Sciences Library catalog like you would search for any other book.

Search for copies on Reserve using the:

How long can I check out a textbook?

Textbooks placed on reserve can be checked out for 2 hours - 3 days depending on the individual library.  In some cases, instructor owned copies cannot be taken out of the building.  Renewal polices vary with each library.

Textbooks found on library book shelves can be checked out for standard loan periods but are subject to recall by other library patrons.  Students should not rely on having books loaned to them for the entire semester.