Register for Webinar About ReferenceUSA Database Usage, April 4 at the Libraries

Marketing and Communications | March 22, 2012

The University Libraries will offer a combined introductory webinar with in-seating sessions about ReferenceUSA database usage from 10:20–11:10 a.m., Wednesday, April 4. Sessions will take place in Sterling C. Evans Library, Room 204E and West Campus Library, Room 127.


Faculty, staff and students at Texas A&M University and the Health Science Center are invited to attend the webinar and class sessions. Presentations will be conducted by Mitch Eberle from InfoGroup, vendor of ReferenceUSA and other databases.

Registration is required and seating is limited.

Venue 1: Evans Library – Register
Venue 2: WCL – Register
Webinar (Online access) – Register

Miriam Olivares, GIS coordinator of Map and GIS Collections and Services at the Libraries, will provide a demonstration using business data from ReferenceUSA for a GIS project. With information on almost 15 million U.S. businesses, the database is essentially a directory of businesses from local sole proprietorships to Fortune 500 corporations.

Users find the web-based interface easy to use and responsive when filtering data samples using variables such as current and historic sales, number of employees, geographic locations, industry codes, business size or financial data, according to Olivares.

“This is a very practical, information-rich database with detailed geographic information on businesses of all types,” Olivares said. “Users can easily export tabular data into GIS files. It is extremely useful in mapping selected business data into a GIS project.”

Jared Hoppenfeld, business librarian at West Campus Library, agrees and adds, “ReferenceUSA allows for localized searching of both public and private companies. Users can find sales and employee data, competitor lists, and geographic locations of their selected firms.”  

For more information about the webinar and GIS, contact Miriam Olivares at Evans Library or Jared Hoppenfeld at West Campus Library.