Mission, Vision and Values

Common Purpose:

We enrich minds and inspire learning by providing quality information, services and resources to the Texas A&M Libraries global community.

Vision Statement

The University Libraries will be the indispensable hub of discovery, learning and creativity at Texas A&M.
The pillars of this vision will be:

  • a distinguished collection of information resources unbounded by place and preserved for future generations;
  • a suite of robust services and a dedicated team exceeding customer expectations;
  • an inspirational environment that delights and invites use;
  • and an organizational culture celebrated for its trust, openness to risk and strengthened by its collaboration and diversity.

Values Statement

At the Texas A&M University Libraries we will apply these principles in all of our activities. We will:

  • recognize library users as our primary focus, which deserve effective service, accurate information, and an empathetic response,
  • recognize library personnel as our primary asset, who deserves encouragement, development, and respect,
  • encourage and support diversity within our organization,
  • strive for consistently high standards to ensure quality service and product,
  • challenge paradigms to improve the organization,
  • value collaboration and teamwork to enhance the library's effectiveness,
  • value the ideas and contributions of individuals,
  • accept responsibility for the good of the enterprise,
  • know our strengths and know when to ask for assistance,
  • communicate with openness, honesty, respect, and sensitivity,
  • act with courtesy, professionalism, and integrity.