Global Planner

Tobin’s Global Planner

The Map & GIS Library is among only a handful of academic libraries to have purchased Tobin's Global Planner data set.  The Global Planner is a set of detailed topographic maps and vector data covering the populated land areas of the world. Over 3,000 1:500,000 Russian topographic maps were scanned and geo-referenced to WGS84, Latitude Longitude.  These maps provide detailed elevation, culture, population, and geodetic information about the surface of the land, the shorelines, and near shore bathymetry. To offer additional information to support the topographic maps, the 1:1,000,000 NIMA 2000 Digital Chart of the World (DCW) vector data set and the USGS World Petroleum Assessment (WPA) 2000 vector data set have been included with the Tobin Global Planner. The DCW data layers include culture, political boundary, English language information, etc. The WPA data layers include oil and gas field spot locations and field names, geological basin configuration maps, etc.

We have created demo sets for each continent using ESRI's ArcIMS software.  Each continent can be viewed and manipulated through your Internet browser.  Each continent contains general themes, such as utilities, transportation, vegetation, and population.  The website supports searching and identifying of locations.  The images in the browser are non-downloadable, but will give an idea of the contents and capabilities of this data set.  If you require a copy of the original shape file for using with your research, that can be obtained personally upon request from the Map & GIS Library. For more help, see our step by step tutorial. This requires Adobe Acrobat.

Note:  Tobin's Global Planner data set is a licensed product.  Distribution of data is restricted to Texas A&M University students, faculty, researchers, and staff only.


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Middle East and Central Asia


Northeast Asia


South East Asia and Australia


Russia - Bering Sea Area