Brazos County Aerial Photos from 1940

We have digitized our collection of 1940 aerial photos of Brazos County. For your convenience, we have linked the images to the interactive map index below. The map used for the index is a highway map from 1980. This more recent map is used for our index instead of an older map to help you locate recognizable features that are present today, creating a good point of reference. For example, in the map index you will notice Lake Bryan in the upper left corner of section B. However when you click on the Lake Bryan portion of the index you will notice from the 1940 aerial that Lake Bryan does not exist yet.

The main map index below is broken into three sections, section A includes northern Brazos County, section B includes the Bryan and College Station city limits, and section C covers southern Brazos County. Click on one of the three sections of the map to open a magnified index of the county. Next click on the grid to open the corresponding 1940 aerial of the county, the aerial will open in a separate window. Reminder: you may need to select the surrounding areas to pinpoint your exact location. To return to the main map index click the "View Main Map" button on the left of the page to select another section of the county.

Brazos Valley 1980 Highway map