Curriculum Collection

The Curriculum Collection, located on the fourth floor of Evans Library near the skywalk to the Annex, is a special collection of materials and resources that can be used to support K-12 curriculum objectives. While it is primarily designed to meet the educational and instructional needs of pre-service teachers in the College of Education, the materials in the collection are also used by in-service teachers, faculty, ESL students and those studying children’s literature, and the general public. The collection contains over 30,000 items and is divided into two main sections: the Textbook Collection and the Literature Collection.

Textbook Collection

The Textbook Collection consists of those instructional materials specifically adopted by the Texas State Board of Education and currently in use in the public schools of the state. The collection contains textbooks by subject and grade, both teacher and student editions, and some teacher resource materials, including kits, folios and big books. The Texas A&M Curriculum Collection is a depository for the Region VI Service Center in Huntsville and receives state-adopted instructional materials from Region VI once school districts within the region have completed their reviews.

Instructional materials can be designated as either “conforming” or “nonconforming,” in accordance with guidelines set by the State Board of Education. Materials labeled “conforming” cover each element of essential knowledge and skills and are free of factual error. Materials labeled “nonconforming” cover at least half, but not all, of the elements of essential knowledge and skills and are free of factual error. Both conforming and nonconforming materials may be purchased for use within the public schools and are included in the Textbook Collection.

Instructional materials are on a six-year cycle, with different subjects up for review each year. Materials that are no longer current are removed from the Curriculum Collection. For archival purposes, one teacher's edition textbook and one student's edition textbook from each subject and grade is sent to the main collection in the Evans Library stacks and may be checked out.

Literature Collection

The Literature Collection consists of K-12 reading materials, both fiction and nonfiction, that support curriculum objectives and promote individual reading interests. The collection contains award-winning children’s literature and some foreign language reading materials. Books for all ages are inter-shelved within the collection.

Materials in the Curriculum Collection are shelved according to the Library of Congress classification system. Items in the Textbook Collection are identified through the use of the prefix “CURR TEXT” added to the call number. Items in the Literature Collection are identified through the use of either the prefix “CURR COLL” or "CURR" added to the call number.

Patrons may search only for items in the Curriculum Collection by using the Set Limits feature available on both search screens in LibCat and selecting “Curriculum Collection” under the Location option.

For more information, please contact Elaine Thornton, Social Sciences and Education Librarian, at or 862-1047.